bsc chemistry | bsc chemistry 1st year | bsc chemistry question paper 2022




(a) what do you understand by resonance

(b) write the E,Z nomenclature in structure (i) and R,S in structure (ii)

See the image below

(c) explain atomic and ionic radii

(d) write the hybridization in CH4 NH3 and H2O
(e) Explain D, L-nomenclature in Glyceraldehyde


2 (a) what do you mean by hydrogen bonding? explain its effect on boiling points.

(b) Draw the molecular orbital diagram of the O2 molecule. why O2 is paramagnetic?

(c ) What is shielding or screening effect and its consequences?

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(d) Explain the stability sequence of the following carbocations.

see the image below

(e) What is Benzyne? explain its synthesis.

(f) Explain the conformation of cyclohexane

(g) Explain about different input and output devices in basic computer system

(h) Discuss factorials probability.


3.(a) What do you mean by valence shell electron pair repulsion (VSEPR) theory explain the shape of PCL5, SF6, CLF3

(b) What do you mean by homolytic and heterolytic Bond fission explain about the different type of intermediates formed and its stability.

(c ) What is isomerism? explain optical isomerism and elements of symmetry

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(d) explain in detail binary octal and hexadecimal number system

bsc chemistry  bsc chemistry 1st year  bsc chemistry question papers 2022
Image for Q1 (b) and Q2 (d)

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