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bioorganic and medicinal chemistry bsc

Questions on biochemical analysis

Question number 1

  1. What is chromatography ?

Ans. Chromatography is a technique for the separation of mixture of solutes by distribution of dissolved substance between two immiscible phases.

  1. What is the stationary phase in paper chromatography ?

Ans .  The stationary phase is the liquid held in the fibres of the filter paper.

  1. What is developer

Ans.  developer is the mobile phase which is the solvent or the mixtures of solvents.

  1. How are the different components of a mixture detected in paper chromatography?

Ans. Components of a mixture are detected by spraying the special spraying Regent on the chromatogram.

  1. How are the components of a mixture identified ?

Ans. Different components of a mixture are identified by measuring there Rf value.

  1. What is R_f value ?
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Ans. R_f value is the ratio of the distance moved by the component in a mixture to the distance moved by the solvent from the original baseline.

  1. What is the absorption spectrum ?

Ans. It is the plot of the absorbance of a sample as a function of wavelength.

  1. What is λmax ?

Ans. Wavelength at which there is maximum absorbance is called λ_{max} .

  1. What is the calibration curve ?

Ans. It is the plot of absorbance As a function of concentration.

  1. What are the reducing sugars ?

Ans.Sugars that reduce tollens Reagent or fehling solution are known as reducing sugar. for example glucose.

  1. What are osazones ?

Ans Carbohydrates with Alpha hydroxy aldehydes ketones like glucose or Fructose reacts with excess of phenylhydrazine to form phenyl hydrazones is called osazones.

  1. What is a biuret test ?
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Ans.Compounds with peptide Bond form a purple Complex With biuret Reagent.

  1. What is spraying reagent in the separation of amino acids ?

Ans Ninhydrin solution is spraying reagent in the separation of amino acids.

  1. Which enzyme is present in saliva ?

Ans Amylase enzyme is present in saliva.

  1. What is zweitter ion ?

Ans Dipolar Ion of amino acids are known as zwitter ion.

  1. What is saponification value ?

Ans The amount of potassium Hydroxide required to completely hydrolyze of oil or fat is known as saponification value.

  1. What is iodine value ?

Ans The number of grams of iodine that will combine with hundred gram of the oil or fat is known as iodine value.

  1. What is the wij’s Reagent ?
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Ans Iodine solution in acetic acid is known as wij’s solution.

  1. Which sugar is present in DNA ?

Ans Deoxyribose is present in DNA.

  1. What is the use of aspirin ?

Ans Aspirin is used as an analgesic and antipyretic.

  1. What is acetylation ?

Ans acetylation  is a reaction that introduces an acetyl functional group into an organic chemical compound.

  1. What is the use of Barbituric acid ?

Ans Barbituric  acid is used as hypnotic and sedative.

  1. What is the use of the propranolol ?

Ans propranolol is a Beta blocker and is used to treat hypertension

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