Download videos from 500+ websites, including YouTube, without ads


in this post you will learn how to download videos from 500+ websites without ads easy method For Windows computer

To download videos from 500+ websites, you have to download this program first. The name of that program is youtube-dl

What is Youtube-dl?

Youtube-dl is a most popular command line YouTube downloader application. 

Youtube-dl can be able to download a single track or the entire playlist in one go. 

Youtube-dl is not just to download videos from Youtube, but also from a lot of other websites.

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How To Download YouTube-dl

Visit Youtube-dl Website to download The Youtube-dl.exe application for windows

download videos from 200+ websites without ads  easy method youtube-dl download for windows pc


Let’s say you want to download a 1080p video from YouTube.

Youtube Video URL OR Video ID GrCsVrsxVek

After Downloading Youtube-dl.exe From Here Youtube-dl

copy youtube-dl.exe file and paste the youtube-dl.exe file where you want to download youtube videos

Assuming youtube-dl.exe is in this folder ‘download Youtube video’ see below image

open ‘download Youtube video’ folder

after typing cmd Press Enter

Now type below command in the command prompt see below image


youtube-dl -f 137+bestaudio –merge-output-format mp4

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after typing above command press Enter key

Now your youtube video will start downloading

youtube-dl may ask to download FFmpeg

Youtube-dl depends on FFmpeg to download 720p videos from YouTube and convert videos to other formats.

Download FFmpeg from Here

and click “” link (Size 75MB)

Don’t forget to replace the below highlighted link with your YouTube video link

youtube-dl -f 137+bestaudio –merge-output-format mp4

The above Command Contains -f 137 , 137 is format code for 1080p video

The simplest case is requesting a specific format, for example with -f 22 you can download the format with format code equal to 22. You can get the list of available format codes for particular video using –list-formats or -F. Note that these format codes are extractor specific.

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You can get the list of available format codes for particular video using

youtube-dl -F YouTube_Video_Url

Here is the table of commands for youtube-dl

YouTubeyoutube-dl VIDEO_ID_OR_URLDownload video with audio best available quality

By default youtube-dl tries to download the best available quality, i.e. if you want the best quality you don’t need to pass any special options, youtube-dl will guess it for you by default.
YouTubeyoutube-dl –extract-audio –audio-format mp3 VIDEO_ID_OR_URLextract-audio from video format mp3
YouTubeyoutube-dl –playlist-items From-TO playlist-url

EXAMPLE- youtube-dl –playlist-items 5-10 playlist-url
Download playlist-items
YouTubeyoutube-dl –extract-audio VIDEO_ID_OR_URLextract-audio from video 
YouTubeyoutube-dl -f ID + bestaudio –merge-output-format mp4 VIDEO_ID_OR_URLdownload  video with audio (bestaudio)  For same Video URL 
YouTubeyoutube-dl video or playlist

To download a video or the entire playlist from YouTube, just mention the URL
all supported sitesyoutube-dl URL_1 URL_2Download multiple videos

Sometimes, you might want to download multiple videos from or any other site. If so, just mention the URL of the videos with space-separated
all supported sitesyoutube-dl -a url.txtyou can put them all in a text file and pass it to Youtube-dl as an argument
all supported sitesyoutube-dl -F URLShow the size of videos
Here is the table of commands for youtube-dl

Visit Documentation of Youtube-dl


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