World Cat Day 2022: History, Significance

World Cat Day is observed on August 8 annually.

The International Fund for Animal Welfare launched this campaign in 2002

to raise awareness of the needs and preferences of cats

and to inspire cat owners to come up with innovative ideas for strengthening their bonds with their pets.

Cats have been symbolic both culturally and historically.



They were revered in ancient Egyptian culture. 

Bastet was an ancient Egyptian goddess worshipped first in the form of a lioness and then as a cat.


The daughter of Sun God Re, Bastet was an ancient deity whose ferocious nature was changed and improved


after the domestication of the cat around 1500 BCE. Over the years cats have cemented their place in popular culture.



Cats and dogs are the most common domesticated animals around the world.

One can see this day as the occasion to acknowledge the joy and companionship a cat brings to the lives of their owners.

However, we should also pay equal love and attention to stray cats as well.

Most of these cats are unfortunate and live in a cruel lifestyle.

One of the main objectives of this day is to not only pamper your cat at home but also care for stray cats as they also deserve love.