Answer - String Slice refers to part of a string containing some contiguous characters from the string

Given a = "blueberry"

(a) a[2:3] , Returns- 'u'

(b) a[2:]  , Returns- 'ueberry'

(c) a[:3]  , Returns- 'blu'

(d) a[:]  , Returns- 'blueberry'

The output of a[-1:-3] will be an empty string, as the slice [-1:-3] represents a range of indices that goes backwards from the last character to two characters before the last character. Since this range goes backwards, it doesn't contain any characters, and therefore the result is an empty string.

(f) a[:-1]  , Returns- 'blueberr'

(g) The slice a[1:1] represents a range of indices that starts  at index 1 and goes up to (but not including) index 1. Since this range  doesn't contain any characters, the output will be an empty string.