Thanks to his time in the MCU, Tom Holland has become one of the biggest young stars in the entire film industry.

His latest appearance in Spider-Man: No Way Home only took him to new highs, as that film became the highest-grossing

non-Avengers movie in MCU history behind a masterful Holland performance.

Through his time in the MCU, Holland’s presence on social media became fairly regular,

amassing nearly 75 million combined followers on his Twitter and Instagram accounts.

He’s used that presence for far more than promoting his movies as well,

also acting as a big part of The Brother’s Trust, a charity set up by Holland’s family that helps grant funds and support to other charities in need.

But now, after a noticeable decrease in posts from Holland following No Way Home’s release,

the actor has shared a message updating fans about his future with social media.

MCU star Tom Holland took to Instagram to share that he's leaving social media, having deleted the Instagram and Twitter applications from his devices.

Holland only temporarily came back to share this decision in a three-minute-long video,

letting fans know that he's staying offline in order to take care of his own mental health.

He also took time during the video to promote the Stem4 Teenage Mental Health Charity and The Brothers Trust,

his own charity organization, in a stance to support mental health for all.