Thor: Love and Thunder became the biggest standalone film centering on Chris Hemsworth’s God of Thunder

while also becoming one of the biggest 2022 new movie releases in the process.

 And though it hasn’t even been two months since Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster became one of the few “worthy” of carrying Mjölnir, 

the Marvel Phase 4 movie will soon be streaming, which is good news for anyone with one particular platform.

When And Where You’ll Be Able To Watch Thor: Love And Thunder Streaming

With the vast majority of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (The Incredible Hulk and the Tom Holland Spider-Man movies) 

already streaming on Disney+, it's not all that surprising that in the very near future,

Thor: Love and Thunder will join their ranks. Now, most of the Avengers will be

able to assemble on the House of Mouse’s popular streaming service.

Though the arrival of Thor: Love and Thunder on Disney+ was almost guaranteed from the jump, the exact date for the God of Thunder’s streaming debut was initially a bit of a mystery.

That all changed in August 2022, when Disney announced 

that the movie will become available to all Disney+ subscribers (no more of that Premier Access business) starting Thursday, September 8th.