Big changes are coming soon to your Facebook experience and they will start from the moment you open the app.

You will find yourself on a tab called Home. This is where you will access short-form video feature Reels and Stories.

It's also where Facebook will show you content that its automated systems recommend for you.

Feeds is where you can catch up on the most recent updates from friends, pages and groups,

according to Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook parent company Meta. The posts will be in chronological order, he said.

Where are Feeds on Facebook?

Feeds will show up as a tab in the shortcut bar. On iOS, this bar is at the bottom of the app. On Android, it’s at the top.

The tabs in the shortcut bar will change based on which ones you use the most. You can also pin a tab to your shortcut bar.

You will also be able to designate the people and communities you care most

about in a “favorites” list and only see content from those folks.

When is Facebook rolling out Home and Feeds?

Home and Feeds will roll out to some Facebook users Thursday and to all Facebook users over the next week.