Minecraft Fan Creates Incredible Gothic Castle in the Game

there is no limit to what Minecraft players can create. From never-before-seen buildings to incredible recreations,

the title's capabilities are nearly endless.

The newest stunning build is that of a gothic castle and surrounding environment,

one that many fans believe to be similar to the castle in the popular RPG Bloodborne.

Reddit user Parking_Price6980 recently posted an image to the

Minecraft subreddit that shows a dark and ominous creation.

The archaic building is tall and dimly lit, and it is covered by a ceiling of stalactites.

Many players have commented, saying that the creation looks exactly like the castle from Bloodborne. 

The claims are valid, considering the gothic influence of Bloodborne in both

its characters and its richly detailed environment,

though the build is absolutely stunning regardless.

the exact inspiration for the Minecraft creation is not exactly relevant.

It's more impressive that the players of Minecraft are capable of making such incredible structures.

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