James Webb Space Telescope glimpses Earendel, the most distant star known in the universe

Earendel, the most distant known star in the universe, was discovered by the Hubble Space Telescope earlier this year,

But now the James Webb Space Telescope has also shown its glimpse.

The James Webb Space Telescope has caught a glimpse of the most distant star known in the universe,

which had been announced by scientists using Webb's predecessor the Hubble Space Telescope only a few months ago.

The star, whose light took 12.9 billion light-years to reach Earth, is so faint that it might be rather challenging

to find it in the new James Webb Space Telescope image, which was released on Twitter on Aug. 2

The original Hubble image provides some guidance as to where to look through the zoomed-in cut-out.

Essentially, Earendel, is the tiny whitish dot below a cluster of distant galaxies.

By comparing the Hubble image with that captured by Webb, you can find the elusive Earendel.