Facebook Working on System to Allow Users To Scan Their Clothes into the Metaverse

Meta has made a lot of big claims about its plans for the Metaverse,

a virtual world where people can meet, play, and work.

However, a recent patent filed by the company may introduce one of its plans for users of the Metaverse.

Players in virtual reality games like VRChat already enjoy creating

custom avatars, changing their outfits, and otherwise customizing their virtual self to express themselves.

While some might enjoy masquerading as a digital avatar that looks nothing like them,

The Facebook patent was published in late July, and reveals plans to develop a system that will let users upload their own clothing into the Metaverse.

The system is designed so that multiple pictures are taken of the user,

which records data about the color, shape, and design of what they're wearing as well as their body.

This information is then taken and converted into a three-dimensional mesh based off of the clothes,

and another based off of the body beneath it.