Deebo Samuel’s historic 2022 season wasn’t enough to pump his rating in ‘Madden 23′ into the top 10 of wide receivers.

Samuel’s rating in this year’s edition of the game is 88 to start the year.

The list of players ahead of Samuel features some players that should surely be in front of the 49ers’ First-Team All-Pro,

but there’s a handful that aren’t better and don’t belong above him even in the initial ratings.

Here’s the top 10:

Davante Adams, 99 Cooper Kupp, 98

Here’s the top 10:

Tyreke Hill, 97 DeAndre Hopkins, 96

Here’s the top 10:

Stefon Diggs, 95 Justin Jefferson, 93

Here’s the top 10:

Mike Evans, 92 Terry McLaurin, 91

Here’s the top 10:

Keenan Allen, 91 Amari Cooper, 90

It can be argued that from a pure wide receiver perspective, that group might be more prototypical than Samuel.

However, from a production and effectiveness standpoint,

Samuel was better than at least the last seven of those players last year.

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