While Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is the next MCU film set to stream on Disney+,

it's not likely to arrive on the platform when some fans were hoping.

Black Panther 2 marks the franchise's 30th theatrical blockbuster in theaters while being the final movie before Marvel Studios kicks off its next phase.

And now, with Disney having brought every new piece of MCU content to its exclusive streaming service soon after release,

besides in one particular region, fans are eagerly anticipating the day that the sequel will join

nearly every other MCU movie and streaming show from the past 14 years.

Black Panther 2 Not Coming to Disney+ This Year

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever won't begin streaming on Disney+ until sometime in 2023,

Some had optimistically predicted that Wakanda Forever could begin streaming during the holiday season (before or after Christmas Day in 2022)

given the timing after its theatrical debut and considering how many families would be eager to watch it at home while celebrating together.

The outlet noted that the MCU sequel will stay in theaters for "a bare minimum of 45 days," a timespan that would end the day after Christmas: