South's superstar Allu Arjun has turned down the offer of a liquor company's advertisement.

According to South Industry trade analyst Manobala Vijaybalan, Allu was offered Rs 10 crore by the liquor company.

Manobala also congratulated Allu for following the principles.

South Star charges Rs 7.5 crore for endorsing a brand.

Earlier, he had turned down an offer from a tobacco company to advertise.

People close to Allu told that they do not want their fans to start using such products after seeing the advertisement of these things,

Due to which they got addicted to it. They believe that what they themselves do not consume, why promote it.

According to media reports, Allu, while turning down the offer of a tobacco company's advertisement of crores, said-

I don't want to promote any wrong thing among the fans. I myself do not smoke tobacco.

Allu's close friends told that it is not in Allu's hands to smoke in the film,

But they try that no one should consume it. He also gives a message to avoid it.

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